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iPhone Thinks Headphones are Plugged In

Apparently there are scenarios where the Apple iPhone thinks that the headphones are plugged in.  For example here.

The solution is, as mentioned in many places, to repeatedly plug in and remove the jack.  This will convince the phone that the headphones are not plugged in.  Be sure to have the iPod playing something so you can hear when the phone resets itself.

It would be nice if Apple would determine what the source of the problem is and issue a patch that resolves it.

Adventures in Updating the iPhone – Part II

Updating the Apple iPhone software seems to be an annoying / frustrating experience.  I’ve previously written about the nightmare update when the iPhone 3G was released.

While today’s experience wasn’t as bad as that last session, it was not without its problems.  The iTunes application kept seizing the window focus and telling me about its progress.  While I do appreciate knowing what applications are doing, it is not “okay” to steal the computer’s focus just to tell me that the application is still doing what I just told it to do.

iPhone Update Focus Stealing
iPhone Update Focus Stealing

This sort of messaging just isn’t that important.  I just don’t need to know that badly.  It is rude for applicaitons to take over like this.  Apparently whatever task I was performing while this update is taking place is simply not important enough to allow me to continue doing it.  Sorry, Apple, but you have things backwards in this.

I wonder:  would the iTunes application have behaved this badly if I had used my MacBook Pro to update the software on the iPhone?

Blog Experiment

This post is being done from my iPhone. Because I can. The phone doesn’t want to display the visual editor. Now that I know that it will be quicker to do this. Now … If I could just master typing on the darn thing.

Adventures in Updating the iPhone

This is a little late, but last Friday (July 11, 2008) I took Apple iTunes’ advice that it was time to update my iPhone. Little did I know that it would be an adventure through confusing messages from the iTunes application and non-existent information from Apple on what was happening. By now we all know that Apple rolled out the new iPhone 3G and updates to existing iPhones. Their authentication servers simply could not handle the load.

Everything started OK. iTunes told me about all of the nifty things my iPhone would be able to do right after the update.

iTunes Update

I was soon greeted by this rather disturbing message:

iPhone Error

So I did. iTunes then informed me that there was a problem with my internet security settings were wrong.

iPhone Error

A quick check revealed that both SSL 3.0 and TLS 1.0 were enabled.

SSL / TLS Settings

Trying again didn’t really change anything. I received the message a few times, but it couldn’t give it much attention as I needed to get some actual work done.

Later, iTunes would sit on the “Accessing iTunes Store” step for extended periods.

Accessing iTunes Store

Eventually, it would timeout with a slightly more informative message than the SSL/TLS message.

iTunes Timeout

(Yes, I did switch computers during this process. I’m good programmer after all … try different tricks to see if something works …)

By this stage, I knew that Apple was having problems. I would just have to be patient. I figured I’d check on Apple’s web site to see if they had any sage advice. No such luck.

Apple's Respone

So, I spent much of the morning looking at this:

After about 4 ½ hours I finally received a message on the phone that all would be well.

And Apple’s web site today tells how successful the iPhone 3G rollout and upgrade for existing phones was.

Apple's Cheery Report of Successful Rollout

There are a lot of seemingly interesting new features on the updated iPhone. It will be interesting to see if the iPhone will be able to attach to my employer’s rather finicky VPN for one. The ability to add third-party applications also looks interesting.

Sampling the Apple

I’ve finally purchased an Apple computer product.  Specifically a MacBook Pro.  This post is actually being written from it.

The only real reason to purchase the MBP was to experiment with it.  I’ve used so many Microsoft products (and the occasional Linux system) for nearly 20 years that I decided it was time.  Plus, I have an iPhone and I want to explore writing applications for it.

The MBP is a big adjustment after all the Windows notebooks.  There are keys missing from the keyboard!!  How do Mac programmers get along without “Home” and “End”?  And the track pad only has one button!!!  Whoever heard of having to put two fingers on the track pad and then click the mouse button?

The biggest problem I’m having at the moment is figuring out how to attach to a printer on a Windows XP Pro system.  It just isn’t intuitive.  The setup process for the MBP didn’t ask me about what printers I wanted to use.  That seemed a bit odd as well.

This shouldn’t sound like I’m bashing on the MBP; I’m not.  It’s just a big adjustment.  There are things I like.  For example, it is lighter than my comparable HP notebook.  I also think I might like the feel of the keyboard better.  The dock (or whatever the thing at the bottom of the screen is called) seems cooler than the the Windows taskbar (including the improved Vista taskbar).

It’s really too early to tell what I think about this computer.  I expect that I will write much more about my adventures with the MBP.