Adventures in Updating the iPhone – Part II

Updating the Apple iPhone software seems to be an annoying / frustrating experience.  I’ve previously written about the nightmare update when the iPhone 3G was released.

While today’s experience wasn’t as bad as that last session, it was not without its problems.  The iTunes application kept seizing the window focus and telling me about its progress.  While I do appreciate knowing what applications are doing, it is not “okay” to steal the computer’s focus just to tell me that the application is still doing what I just told it to do.

iPhone Update Focus Stealing
iPhone Update Focus Stealing

This sort of messaging just isn’t that important.  I just don’t need to know that badly.  It is rude for applicaitons to take over like this.  Apparently whatever task I was performing while this update is taking place is simply not important enough to allow me to continue doing it.  Sorry, Apple, but you have things backwards in this.

I wonder:  would the iTunes application have behaved this badly if I had used my MacBook Pro to update the software on the iPhone?

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