Comment Spam – #3

I’ve written about comment spam a couple of times now.

Everyday brings comment spam and, occassionally, there are gems in the spam that just make you laugh.  You want to send the spammers a message that says “nice try.”

One that came in on Adventures in Updating the iPhone – Part II was one such message.  Buried down as the last line of the comment, past all the porn links was this:

Admin, if you read this, please do not delete, just move it to flood or offtopic.

Well, I do read the comments and, this shouldn’t come as a surprise, I’m not going to move it to “flood” or “offtopic.”  I am going to delete it.  Why?  I see no reason to help you sell your noxious wares.

I’m not personally oppossed to pornography.  There is a place for that type of activity involving consenting adults.  The First Amendment to the US Constitution guarantees that right.  But I’m under no obligation to help porn spammers, or any other spammers, make money.