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USPS Cares

The United States Postal Service (USPS) cares!  That much should be obvious from the pictures.

Linns Stamp News Mangled Front Cover
Linn's Stamp News Mangled Front Cover
Linns Back Cover With USPS Apology
Linn's Back Cover With USPS Apology

I’m doubtful that that the USPS apology is actually sincere.  It’s really more of just a “See, we care so much about the handling of your mail that we’ll put the piece we destroyed in this nice plastic baggy.  There now, don’t you feel better about us?”

PIPEX 2009 – Tacky Ribbon

My wife and I went to the PIPEX 2009 show yesterday in Portland, OR.  While we were there this tacky ribbon caught my attention.

Tacky Ribbon
Tacky Ribbon

I’m sure that the show judges / organizers had a perfectly good reason for “editing” the ribbon.  Perhaps they didn’t have enough produced for the Vermeil place.

This wasn’t the only example of places the were “downgraded” to Vermeil.  The were several others.

The show itself was interesting.  In fact, it was the first time that she actually admitted to “having fun” at a stamp show.