The Laughing DM is my personal web site.

What’s this blog about?  Well, lots of things.  Whatever I feel compelled to write about, actually.  You’ll find entries regarding music, food, movies, software, software development, books, politics … anything that I find interesting.  The opinions expressed on these pages are mine (unless they’re in a comment) and they do not represent my employer or any other entity.

What does the phrase “The Laughing DM” mean?  It comes from the Dungeons & Dragons role playing game that was invented by the late Gary Gygax.  I’ve played D&D for many, many years with a group of good friends.  We run two campaigns, one of which is mine.  In our group we’ve always known that when the Dungeon Master begins to laugh a bit that the players have stumbled upon an encounter that isn’t going to go well for them.

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Behind the screen you hear the clatter of dice. The Dungeon Master begins to laugh. What do you do?