Comment Spam – #1

Comment spam on blogs sucks.  I hate it.  I don’t like it on blogs that I read and I certainly don’t like it on blogs that I write.

The sort of advertising that is in the spam consumes so much time.  For the blog writer it takes the time to set the blog up so that all comments have to be approved prior to appearing.  The approval process means that there will be a delay in genuine elements of the conversation being posted.  It is annoying to have to wade through and “mark as spam” the shlock that some posts seem to attract.

Some blog writers either don’t know how to configure their tool to delay posting comments so that the junk can be filtered out or they just don’t care.  Maybe the do care and they just give up under the burden … I don’t know.  For the reader it is a waste of time to trudge through dozens or hundreds of junk comments to find the handful that relate to the original post.

There’s one post on this blog (I’ll let you figure out which) that seems to attract all of the blog comment spam.  That’s good, I guess, but it is still a waste of my time and bandwidth to figure out which comments are genuine and which are not.

Ok, that’s enough ranting for one day.