Sampling the Apple

I’ve finally purchased an Apple computer product.  Specifically a MacBook Pro.  This post is actually being written from it.

The only real reason to purchase the MBP was to experiment with it.  I’ve used so many Microsoft products (and the occasional Linux system) for nearly 20 years that I decided it was time.  Plus, I have an iPhone and I want to explore writing applications for it.

The MBP is a big adjustment after all the Windows notebooks.  There are keys missing from the keyboard!!  How do Mac programmers get along without “Home” and “End”?  And the track pad only has one button!!!  Whoever heard of having to put two fingers on the track pad and then click the mouse button?

The biggest problem I’m having at the moment is figuring out how to attach to a printer on a Windows XP Pro system.  It just isn’t intuitive.  The setup process for the MBP didn’t ask me about what printers I wanted to use.  That seemed a bit odd as well.

This shouldn’t sound like I’m bashing on the MBP; I’m not.  It’s just a big adjustment.  There are things I like.  For example, it is lighter than my comparable HP notebook.  I also think I might like the feel of the keyboard better.  The dock (or whatever the thing at the bottom of the screen is called) seems cooler than the the Windows taskbar (including the improved Vista taskbar).

It’s really too early to tell what I think about this computer.  I expect that I will write much more about my adventures with the MBP.