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Metallica – Death Magnetic

Metallica’s new album, Death Magnetic, is finally out.  After 2003’s St. Anger disaster I was prepared for another, politely, poor showing.  I’m not a rabid Metallica fan, so I wasn’t ready to write them off on Death Magnetic.  But I’ve been pleasantly surprised.  I’ve already listened to the entire CD more time in the last couple of days than I have ever listened to St. Anger.

There’s definitely some interesting guitar work in lots of places … the later portion of “The Day that Never Comes” stands out.  I’d like to hear entire songs like that.  Lars finally got his drum kit fixed; it sounds like real drums again (though occasionally a little bit of the drum sound from the last album leaks through).  I also like “Broken, Beat, & Scarred”.

Metallica - Death Magnetic
Metallica - Death Magnetic

Whether I like the album or not is immaterial.  If I don’t like it what I hear before the release, I won’t buy it.  The only people in the world that have to like it is Metallica … it’s their work.  I’ve said this for years and I stand by it.  Death Magnetic, though is a good album.  Definitely worth being considered in the same breath as their best works (which I think are Master of Puppets and the Black Album).