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MacBook Pro Oversight

Something just dawned on me.

I grabbed the MacBook Pro to collect and edit photos from a couple of cameras from last night’s Iron Maiden/Dream Theater concert while another computer was updating this web site.  When I went to stick the first SD card into get the photos, I noticed that this particular MBP doesn’t have any slots for SD cards or any kind of memory stick.  The MBP does have several USB connections, but that’s not quite the same.

I am, actually, somewhat disturbed by this discovery.  I’ve had this MBP for nearly two years now and never previously noticed the lack of memory stick slots.  The physical hardware to accomodate memory sticks can’t add that much to the price of an MBP.

The really surprising thing, to me at least, is that Apple did not see fit to include memory stick slots on this computer.  Apple prides itself on the capabilities of the Apple platform for editing digital media.  It seems such a gross oversight.  Every Windows laptop I have purchased for the last five years has come with a full set of memory card slots.

Lesson learned:  handling any item on a memory sticks will have to start on a Windows  system.  But that also means that I will be less likely to continue working with the item on the MBP as it means having to transfer the item to another medium that the MBP can access.

Finder Crash

Interesting little event while using the Mac Book Pro today.  Finder crashed.

Finder Crashed
Finder Crashed

This is extremely unusual (for me).  I thought Mac’s didn’t have crashed applications?  I’m not really sure what to make of this.  Many other people seem to have had this issue since upgrading to Snow Leopard (which I did a week ago).  But since I don’t use the applications or external devices that seem to be associated with their reports of problems, I’m lost.

MacBook Pro Temps

As I sit here working to takeover the world while wearing shorts from my Apple MacBook Pro, I just realized how freakishly hot and and uncomfortable the nice shiny case can get.


MBP Temps
MBP Temps

It’s interesting that the enclosure base is reported as 101F.  It sure seems hotter than that.  But on bare skin I suppose that is hot enough.

P.S.  The cool little app that reported the temperatures is iStatPro.