Win7 64-bit Failed Restart

Ooops! Win7 64 declined to reboot correctly. That’s a first. normally it reboots just fine when required. It is now searching for solutions without loading the desktop.

2010-12-03 Update:

Turns out that an update to AVG was the cause of the reboot failure.  See:

Too bad the information wasn’t available when the problem happened and provided every indication that the hard disk had in fact failed.  The system was so messed up that Windows Startup Repair and other recovery options couldn’t work.  (Kudos Microsoft for maintaining “batting one thousand” on repair/recovery tools as they have never once worked for me).

AVG:  If you stumble across this posting in any sort of “brand monitoring” that you may be doing, please note that I’m done with your products.  This failed update on your part forced me to purchase $200.00 in replacement drives, disrupted several days of work while rebuilding the system, and forced me to spend loads of time rebuilding the system.  All of this happened because you couldn’t be bothered to adequately test an update to a class of application that many people consider to be critical to safe operations of their computers.

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  1. Lame. AVG may be attempting to appeal to the leading edge of the hipster crowd, the doucheoisie. What’s more ironic than achieving virus-like results from using an anti-virus product?

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