Comment Spam – #8

It really is truly amazing the things that you find in the comment spam when you take the time to look through them.

Idiot, huh?
Idiot, huh?

I do like buying MP3s, but I’m not going to buy them from someone who markets them by calling me an “idiot.”

One thought on “Comment Spam – #8”

  1. My guess? Business major that dropped out. Couldn’t pass marketing. Basic tenet #67: To maximize sales, abuse not thy customers; neither physically nor verbally.

    This looks interesting — from their (Satyricon’s) website. Check it:

    Club Satyricon

    9/26/2009 1:00 PM at School Of Rock: Iron Madien (sic) vs Judas Priest (shows at 1pm & 6pm)
    125 NW 6th Ave, Portland, Oregon 97209
    Cost: tba
    All Ages (bar w/ ID)

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