Fox News Funnies – #7

I saw this headline on the Fox News web site today.  Read the Fox article here.


Fox Funnies #7
Fox Funnies #7

This headline isn’t funny in the “ha ha” sense.  Rather, it’s funny in the “smells rancid” sense.

Why does it matter whether or not the trolley driver who allegedly caused the recent accident in Boston had a sex change?  How does that have any bearing on the facts of the accident?  Did the sex reassignment surgery (SRS) somehow contribute to the accident?

The article itself says that the driver “was hired as a minority because of his transgender status.”  Again, how does the driver’s hiring preference have any relationship to the cause of the accident?

Would Fox News have led with the headline “Trolley-Crash Driver Was Black”?

The simple fact is that the detail of the driver’s gender transformation and sexual minority status are the salacious details that entice people to read this article.  It’s gossipy and morbidly titilating to read about.

Fox News:  You can do better.