DDO Datacenter Move

It’s been 24 hours since Turbine started moving their datacenter that hosts Dungeons & Dragons Online.  It isn’t going well.  The move was originally planned to last about 14 hours.

Outage Update
Outage Update


Having been through a couple of these with my company, albeit with smaller groups of servers and less complicated server configurations, I know that these never go well.  Something unexpected always happens, resulting in one or more key systems being offline.  In our industry we can move on the weekend with the least impact to our customers.  Not so with DDO; a weekday move is/was their best option.  The only truly reliable way for a relatively small company to make a move like this is to clone the datacenter to the new location and flip a switch to change the routing when everything is done and tested.

Hopefully DDO will be back up and running full force by Wednesday … which is when I can play again.

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