Black Company Gathering

The Black Company from Dungeons & Dragons Online (DDO) Sarlona gathered for lunch today at Sweet Tomatoes in Tigard, Oregon today.  Most of the Black Company is concentrated in the Pacific Northwest ranging from Longview WA, to Albany, OR.  We had a couple of visitors from New Jersey, prompting the gathering.  Unfortunately, not every one could make the gathering.

Black Company - Sarlona
Black Company - Sarlona

Front Row (left to right)

  • Ratorion (Officer) / Helixx / Nipeny / Jon
  • Lorkaa (Officer) / Teapot / Sputnik / Swissarmy / Tweezer
  • Larekke (Officer) / Ivorae / Ebonae / Ruebae
  • Akastos (Officer) / Nikon
  • Bhima

Back Row (left to right)

  • Shintara (Officer) / Gymma
  • Zenju (Officer) / Beval / Zenola / Misbehavin / Morgandy
  • Amberyll (Officer) / Jeth (Officer) / Elborn / Oboyihitit / Wogglle / Ohlman
  • Chandeth (Leader) / Tyji (Officer) / Confused / Prana Bindu / Silinar / Ugen / Warborg / Kerona / Losara
  • Elizabythe (Officer) / Jybadia

We had loads of fun reminiscing about our adventures over the years.  Four hours worth!  Can you believe that?

Hopefully, we can do this again sometime with more members.

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  1. Yep. That was the “Everybody loves a ‘vorpal’ prompt” and not the “Everybody loves ‘cheese.'”

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