Fox News Funnies – #2

The same day that the Fox News web site was leading with an incindeary story about the “Office of the President-Elect,” they also had a funny story about National Public Radio (NPR) coverage of a prayer booth installed on public property in New York City.

NPR and the Pagan Priestess
NPR and the "Pagan Priestess"

The reporter in question, Margo Adler, has worked for NPR for many years and covered many, many stories for the broadcast network and is presently assigned to New York City.  Why should her religious beliefs suddenly matter?  Would Fox News have titled this story, and written the story itself, in the way that they did if a Christian reporter had been sent to cover the story in New York?  How about a Muslim, a Jew, a Hindu, a Buddist, a Baha’i, or any member of dozens of other religions?  I suspect that some faiths would not have garnered such attention or spin from Fox News and that a few others would have been treated similarly.

You can listen to the Margo Adler story that has so upset Fox News here.