AC/DC – Black Ice

It has been a few years since AC/DC has released an album; longer still since I’ve purchased one.  Their new album, Black Ice, is a solid effort.  Certainly it isn’t as good as the classics like Back in Black and For Those About to Rock.  It is hard to maintain the rebellious school boy image when you’re fifty-ish years old.

The Rock N Roll Train is probably the best song on the album.  Stormy May Day has some interesting guitar riffs; the title track Black Ice is also good.  It’s all typical AC/DC … something we criticize other bands for and, for some strange reason, let AC/DC get away with releasing the same style songs album after album.

The only disappointing facet of this album is the exclusive distribution arrangement with Wal-Mart.  I’m not a big fan of exclusive distribution agreements, much less Wal-Mart as the distributor granted that privilege.


ACDC - Black Ice Cover
ACDC - Black Ice Cover


[The scan of the CD cover really doesn’t do the cover justice.]