2008 Presidential Election

The 2008 US Presidential election is just a week away.  There is no question that the 2008 US Presidential election will have an historic outcome.  It will be one of three possible outcomes:

  • Republican – John McCain / Sarah Palin
  • Democrat – Brarack Obama / Joe Biden
  • Third-party

It is honor to live during this election.  The fact that a woman and an American of African origin are the candidates of a major party for our nation’s highest offices are unprecedented and welcome regardless of political persuasion and who actually wins.  Who wins isn’t as important as that these major segments of American society will finally achieve the most prestigious honors that our country offers.

Of course, a third party isn’t likely to achieve enough traction in this election cycle to win the presidency, particularly this late in the cycle.  If they did it would be an historic achievement regardless of race and gender.