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Fox News Funnies – #1

I’m not a fan of Fox News (particularly the television network), but but I do read their web site (www.foxnews.com) as part of my efforts to remain informed. As long as you stay away from the overtly political “news” the stories are generally okay. To be certain their news stories do have more of a conservative slant (liberal media any one?). And that slant does lead to some funny stories.

In that vein, I’ve found a few things recently that have struck me as being funny.

The Office of the President-Elect
The Office of the President-Elect

The “funny” aspect of this is why does it matter?  Why does it need to be pointed out like this?

Barack Obama is the President-Elect.  He certainly has an office somewhere.  The American people are asking him to speak with authority on the various crises facing the USA and the world.  It would be presumptious and gross breach of protocol for President-Elect Obama to be speaking from a podium labeled with the Presidential Seal and “President of the United States of America.”

The article that was behind the picture on the front page paints a different picture.  The article actually discusses what is provided by the American people to the incoming president to enable a smooth and efficient transition of administrations.  Among the things that are provided:  funding to support a physical office.

The lead in to the story is what is “funny.”  It tries to excite the reader into believing that President-Elect Obama is somehow usurping the role of President.