Unwanted Software Offers – #1

This one isn’t a tool bar.  But it is still one of those annoying things that is in an installation program that doesn’t really need to be present.  WinSCP, a handy utility for SFTP transfers, decided that it was necessary to offer to install WeFi as part of the process.  What WeFi has to do with SFTP baffles me.  At least the default was “Do not install.”

Free Application?
Free Application?

2 thoughts on “Unwanted Software Offers – #1”

  1. Just installed WinSCP and was disgusted to see this too. But it looks like it isn’t for WeFi specifically. The “Powered by OpenCandy” isn’t for WeFi, it’s for the executable advertising page in general. The installer sends your OS, language, IP to the OpenCandy servers which then picks an advertiser’s installer to offer you.

  2. I noticed the “Powered by …” too. But since I didn’t have any plans of installing it on any systems other than the one I had to for work, I didn’t think much of it. It’s really unfortunate that many companies think that I need to have their crap or their “carefully selected partner’s” crap marketed to me at every turn.

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