Fox News Funnies – #10

US President Barack Obama was announced as the 2009 recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize today.  Congratulations are certainly in order for this historic and, surprising, award.  But it shouldn’t really be a surprise that someone like President Obama who favors diplomacy and international cooperation over rhetoric, antagonism, belligerence, and (unjustified) war would eventually come to the attention Nobel Committee.

But Fox News thinks otherwise.

Why be critical and not congratulatory?

Instead of congratulating President Obama and advocating for using the prestige conferred by the Nobel Peace Prize to further the cause of peace, reconciliation, and international cooperation Fox News news uses the opportunity to call it “premature” and an “embarrassment.”  One wonders if Fox News would have said the same about US President George W. Bush if the award had come at the same stage of his presidency.